Hey, change-maker, your ideas are worth sharing with the world.

From insight to impact, we transform ideas into standout digital designs. We specialize in creating unique brands and digital products that captivate and engage.

Every influential idea needs the right packaging.
We have the key to the package called creative branding and product development.
Let’s see what we can do together to share your ideas with theworld as a real change-maker.

Unique & memorable Brand Identity

Rebranding, Logo, Brandbooks, Social Media Templates, Digital Ads, Key Visuals, Packaging, Decks, Canva Templates, Data Visualization

Deep-dyed Audit & Research

Product Workshops, Idea Validation, Accessibility Compliance Report, Information Architecture Report, Visual Design Evaluation, Digital Footprint Report, CX Assistance.

Strategic & outstanding Marketing

Web Pages, Social Media Campaigns, Explainer Videos, Pitch Decks, Flyers, Catalogues, eBooks.

High-end Digital Solutions

eCommerce, Company Dashboards, HR Tools, Digital Conferences, Webinars, Mobile Apps, Company Workflow Digitization & Automation, Chatbots, VR/AR, Custom Apps, Maintenance & Support.

Our team is focused on delivering practical & sustainabile solutions 🌱 that enhance your business's performance.


CX Consultant


Enables businesses to establish products and brands centered around design, sustainability, and circular economy principles. Passionate about systems thinking, economy and modular synthesizers.


Customer Growth Manager

Filip ensures transparent communication, minimizes chaos, and connects dots to solve problems. Passionate about fighting boredom, sports, self-development, and music.


Brand Designer

Won her first art prize when she was 10. Creates beautiful visual identities that make our clients stand out from the crowd. Passionate about the forest, somatic bodywork, vegan food & dogs.


Product Designer

No-code Developer

Resident tech whiz and digital brain, bringing our ideas to life with her no-code wizardry. Creates digital solutions that are not only beautiful but primarily functional. Enjoy climbing, cooking & music.


Content Manager

Brand Designer

Our Design Ops and Content Queen makes sure everything runs smoothly and looks fantastic while doing it. Can find any file in 27 seconds. Passionate about visual poetry & baking sweets.

Monika Rytych

UX Designer

Monika is responsible for designing user experiences for our clients, transforming abstract ideas into intuitive interfaces. Outside the office, she's a movies enthusiast, fan of vegetarian Asian cuisine, and a passionate runner.


Visual Artist

Animation Director

Awarded Graduate of Lodz Film School. Klaudia’s storytelling skills are so good, she convinced us she is a Sun.


Happiness Officer

Multitalented soul with a background in music and art, spreading happiness, good vibes, and cheer like confetti.

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We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Let's work together!

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let’s work together

We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Let's work together!

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Our Clients &  Partners

Our team is proud to have worked with reputable clients and partners.

We've designed first in a kind software that optimizes petroleum industry in U.S. so it can operate in more frugal, efficient and environment-friendly manner.

Our longstanding & trusting relationship with Nofir since 2015 supports their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly innovation in marine waste recycling across more than 21 countries.

Our collaboration resulted in a successful and impactful scientific symposium that helped to exchange eye health knowledge and strengthened the company's new product positioning.

We teamed up with Change Pilots to help them create seamless experience of Design Talks Business part of Gdynia Design Days conference.

Designed new brand for a range of organic, locally sourced beauty products that align with their objective of reintroducing herbs into our everyday routines.

A unique branding of By.herbs products appeal to health-conscious customers and reflect their focus on natural, herbal teas and beverages rich in vitamins for promoting well-being.

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Meet Filip,
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Filip Nocek

Business Developement Manager

9 Łódź, Poland